Climate KIC

We have entered the Climate-KIC Accelerator, Europe’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change 🙂 Looking forward to the great upcoming events! Read more about it here.

FIT-seed loan

The FIT (Fondation pour l’Innovation Technologique) granted us a CHF100’000.- loan. This loan is aimed at accelerating our product development and build our first pilot site. Read more about it here. edit: New article here.

Insolight's prototype

Efficiency record: 36.4%

We are proud to announce a new efficiency record of our technology: 36.4%. This result, validated by the Fraunhofer ISE, is a potential world record for a flat panel that can be mounted on a roof. Conventional solar panels have an efficiency of about 20%, meaning that our technology nearly doubles the energy output per surface. Read more[…]