Eurostars MEPV2 project completion

Insolight would like to thank project partners Dow and Topsil Global for the fruitful collaboration within the Eurostars MEPV2 project. The two-year project enabled the development of an optical layer and its assembly process for Insolight’s planar micro-tracking solar panels.

Optical layers produced by Topsil Global are based on Dow’s SILASTIC™ MS-4002 Moldable Optical Silicone, which combine high transparency and durability against outdoor exposure characteristics of solar photovoltaic conditions. These features are key in the two main achievements of the project: a record efficiency of 29% measured at the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2018, and the validation of the technology on Insolight’s pilot site. Another outcome was the redefinition of module architecture for high-volume manufacturing. Insolight is now ready to scale-up the production of its high-efficiency translucent modules that enable a dynamic control of transmitted sunlight while producing electricity, and validate the technology for the agrivoltaic use-case.

The outcome of this collaboration with Insolight and Topsil is perfectly aligned to Dow sustainability objectives, and have opened new perspectives for improving further the optical layer design and manufacturing on large industrial scale, which Dow will continue to support beyond the initial scope of the Eurostars project” highlighted François de Buyl, TS&D Scientist in Dow Advanced Silicone Elastomers team. 

For further reading:  Dow’s white paper and Dow SILASTIC™ Moldable Optical Silicone.