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Insolight is a company founded in 2015 specializing in agrivoltaics. We offer a dynamic agrivoltaic solution – insolagrin, developed by a dedicated team of engineers and agronomers. Our team provides guidance through every step of the agrivoltaic project realisation to help farmers build the most suitable solution depending on the crop grown.

Our Agrivoltaic Solution in Motion

insolagrin is an innovative agrivoltaic solution, where translucent solar modules replace the plastic tunnels usually used in agriculture. It allows to produce solar energy and protect crops, enabling dual use of land. More than a solar installation, insolagrin is thus a new tool for farmers. The light transmission control allows farmers to optimise crop growth over seasons and climate changes.

How We Work

Evaluation of agrivoltaic
project & agronomic needs

Detailed feasibility study to define the crops’ needs and project’s evaluation for the given location.

Project conception
budget & financing model

Structure design, energy production, cost and profitability projections, documentation and project timeline definition.


Project construction according to planning and with full consideration of the plant's growing season.


Support with continuous optimisation of the agronomic parameters throughout the lifetime of the installation.

Global Partnership Program

Insolight's vision is to engage pioneering companies from our extended value chain and work together to accelerate their sustainable transition.


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